Tales of Adventure and Mystery from the Wyrmfell Frontiers

Pit Fighting

The finding of foul beasts

Beneath the altar, was a spiral stair case. The team descended. It opened into a room. Ruck and Bruno Diaz crept down and took a look. A large underground temple stretched before them. It was in poor repair, with platforms crumbling and replaced by planks of wood. Two braziers lit the room. A couple of glowing orbs sat at the end of the room. Four men stood around the room with bows. Short, demonic statues lined the walls. Under the platforms was murky darkness. A skittering noise could be heard from the murk. They returned to the group and passed on the information.

Rexis descended and hid behind a statue. He took a shot and skewered one of the men. Rupert Wilkinson-Jones followed suit and removed another of the men. The guards finally noticed something was afoot and readied their bows. The rest of the team descended, but not before the statues awoke. The statues were not made of stone. They were thick skinned demons.

The demons bit with their many mouths, sinking in to Fear’s flesh. The guards fell before firing a shot. The scorpions minded their own business. The adventurers shot and stabbed their way through the fray. Alexandria’s troops followed the adventurers down, just in time to see the enemy fall. With one guard left, standing dazed and bleeding, Bruno approached and suggested he stand down. The guard dropped his bow and collapsed from pain.

Rexis patched up Fear’s wounded kneecap. The troops armed themselves with the guard’s bows. The rest of the weapons were shared out. Rexis stood on the man’s arm. Bruno questioned the man, who was clearly mad. He spouted cultist ranting about the father further beneath the temple, how all of the fleshlings – us and himself – were merely food for his foul visage to devour. With some coercion from Rexis’ boot, he also explained that the glowing orbs were a trap and how to deactivate it.

With nothing more to be learned from the mad man, Jorgen handed him over to Captain Billson. Captain Billson argued there was little to be gained from dragging him back to Arktooth’s scorpion pit, and ordered Jörgen to use this pit. The scorpions feasted on his body before the monster from below had a chance.



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