Tales of Adventure and Mystery from the Wyrmfell Frontiers

Welcome to Arktooth

Crazy Rexis' used ships!

It is night time above the northern mountains. The flames of the Iron Princess crashing into the mountain have died down. Rupert took control of the Storm Lurker. It was in bad shape and low on fuel. With Fear keeping the ship together, Rupert piloted it to the Arktooth slums. At dawn, they descended from the south-east. A figure flew out from the dock, approaching the airship. It was a hawk carrying a message. J├Ârgen read the message, excused himself, and left for personal business upon landing.

A short fat man with a pad and pen arrived. He demanded to know the name of the vessel and captain, and 5 copper for docking. Rupert announced himself the captain of the “Millennium Arachnid” and paid the 5 coppers.

Fear stayed on the ship. Bruno and Rupert went to the half-built Great Arktooth Cathedral or Aurath to inquire about healing Bruno’s leg. Ruck and Rexis went to the Brawl and Bovine tavern. Rexis inquired with the bartender who might be in the shipping business. The bartender nodded to a large man at the other end of the bar. Rexis brought two jugs of beer to the man. The man introduced himself as Captain D’lay. Rexis and D’lay discussed the ship. Rexis invited D’lay back to the ship to inspect it.

Bruno and Rupert are welcomed at the Cathedral. Bruno explains his predicament and is escorted to the medical wing. A robed man examined Bruno’s leg and said there was nothing he could do. Bruno, reluctantly, paid a generous donation to the church. Bruno inquired about alternative forms of healing in the city. The man directed Bruno to the surgeon’s academy.

Fear patched up the ship, making it appear in good condition and not involved in combat. He looted the ship for everything of interest. He found a chest of silver pieces and a vintage playfellow collection.

Bruno and Rupert arrived at the surgeon’s academy. The receptionist was very standoffish and refused to help them without an appointment. Bruno mentioned Doc. Thornton. This didn’t impress the receptionist, but he received a message shortly after requesting that Bruno and Rupert’s presence was required. The receptionist begrudgingly directed them to the third floor, room D. They entered a large room filled with beakers, medical experiments, blackboard notes, including runic writings, a smell of smoke and chemicals, a thick haze, and a young man behind a desk covered high in papers and folders. The man greeted them eagerly. He wore an ill fitting business suit and had a tattoo of an encircled seven-pointed star. He introduced himself as Fredrick Scribe. He offered the pair tea, pouring it from beakers. The conversation continued into Tusculan, bandits, caravans, trade, sky travel, Bruno’s leg, and the strange tattoo. Bruno regretted that last question. Scribe went into a long monologue about “science” and other mumbo-jumbo. Bruno gleaned from Scribe that he’d require a substance possibly found in a near-by ruins. Scribe looked into his beaker, wondering whether it really contained tea. After seeing no other response from Scribe, Bruno and Rupert left silently.

Later, at the air-docks, Captain D’lay arrived with his thuggish security at Dock 94 to inspect the Storm Lurker, now crudely renamed the Millennium Arachnid. Rexis took D’lay through the ship (without his security.)
“My Golly!” exclaimed D’lay. “Is this the Storm Lurker?”
“No, but it has the same designer as the Storm Lurker.”
“You’ll be damned insane if anyone’s going to buy Von Cleft’s ship!”
“I can give you a 5 year guarantee that he’s dead.”
“What did you say your name was?”
“Rexis? That killed Von Cleft. You’re trying to sell me the ship of the world’s most dangerous man?”
“Yes, but with the personal guarantee that he’ll be dead within the month. He’s drawn to me and he cannot continue until we’ve done our battle. Think of it, you can have the most famous ship ever in your armada. The most famous ship without a vendetta!”
“I think you have a deal, my good man!”
“And we’ll take 100 gold off if you can find us a new 10-man ship to buy.”
“I’ll see what I can do. We have a deal.”
Rexis and D’lay shook hands. D’lay and his security departed.

Bruno looked through Scribe’s paperwork and worked out where the ruins are located. Rupert rented a safe storage locker at the bank in which to keep their phat loot. The team headed North, to the city walls. Fear noticed that the guards were performing spot-checks on the people coming and going through the gates. A man at the guard house is checking a scroll as each person announces themselves. A man approached Ruck and whispered to him. “I would advise some discretion if you want to pass out of the city this day. I believe the guards have your description as well as your friends. They believe you are associated with the incident that happened up in the mountains the other day. I just have this to say to you: be safe. Also, you should hold onto those ashes.” The shadowy figure departed.

Rexis found a couple of guard towers with alarm bells. Ruck and Bruno raced to the top of two towers to ring the bells first. With bells going on everywhere, the guards started closing the gates. The team rushed through the gates while the guards were distracted. Ruck and Bruno climbed down the outside of the tower.

The team spent the morning trekking through the farmlands and into the tropical forests of Wyrmfell. The directions led to an archaeological dig. The team arrived by late afternoon.



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