Tales of Adventure and Mystery from the Wyrmfell Frontiers

We're All Going on a Ship!

Mischief over the mountains.

Doc Thornton called the team to his office. He received a letter from his mysterious friend. Inside is a letter and six tickets. He is requesting that a capable team extract an artefact from The Iron Princess. The Iron Princess was formally of His Majesty’s Royal Air Brigade. It had been decommissioned but had been commandeered again for this particular flight. They are transporting an artefact labelled as “Specimen X3 Delta.” Passengers are been granted passage. The ship will have an escort of armed gyros. The ship is departing from the North-Western tower, a night’s walk from here.

The mission objectives are:

  1. Retrieve the package;
  2. Clear the extraction point;
  3. Sabotage the onboard air squadron, if possible; and
  4. Don’t kill anyone!

The team trekked through the night to reach the air ship before it departed. The tower rose above them. A very slow, elaborate, pulley system elevated passengers up to the boarding office. The team checked their luggage and weapons. Ruck smuggled two of his daggers onboard: two in his sleeves and one in his boot. Unfortunately, they found the other two and confiscated them. Bruno carried his new walking-stick onboard without a question. Rupert hid his brass knuckles and baton. They didn’t even want to search Fear for his sap. Rexis failed to hide his arrows and came aboard unarmed. Jörgen too wasn’t able to smuggle any weapons.

The Iron Princess

The team were shown to their rooms. Their room was a large dormitory. There were bunks, a cupboard, and not much else, not even privacy. Among all of the people in the room, a few cultists stood out. Rupert looked out the porthole and identified one of the gyro pilots as Malcolm Prone, an old friend of his. Jörgen located the extraction point, a balcony on the back of the ship.

Bruno made his way to the first class section. He struck up a conversation with an already drunk passenger and pick-pocketed his ticket (and a pair of women’s undergarments.) He proceeded to enjoy the prawn cocktail.

Fear and Jörgen erroneously determined that the gyros could fly for 15 minutes at a time and that the artefact was suspended from the bottom of the hull. Together, they planned how they could use this information to their advantage.

Rupert walked to the hangar deck. He asked the hanger guard if he could visit his old friend, Malcolm. The guard let him through. Malcolm was over the moon to see Rupert. They bantered away. Rupert steered the conversation towards the ship’s cargo. Most of the interesting cargo was in the storage decks. Rupert got wind that Arktooth regulars were guarding the store. Rupert remembered their old ground crew friend Jimmy and suggested they see if they could find him among the guards. On the way, Rupert kept an eye out for the team’s luggage, noting where it was stored.

Knowing about the ship’s maintenance passages, Rexis made his way through the bowels of the ship. He silently followed Rupert, ducking out briefly to retrieve his bow and arrows. He heard a scuttering noise, but never located the source of the sound.

Rupert was led to a large steel vault. There are two men guarding the vault. One was drunk, singing loudly about sky-wenches. The other was Captain Billson, telling Jimmy to shut up. Billson was unimpressed to see Rupert again. Jimmy, on the other hand, shouted in joy when he recognised Rupert. The three talked loudly until Billson told them to just leave. So they left for the bar. On the way they bumped into Bruno. Rupert had a quick word with Bruno, quietly explaining that he should really see this interesting thing on the lower decks. Bruno excused himself and made his way down to the storage decks.

Ruck made his way up to the balloon. He managed to sneak past the guards and inside the main balloon. Inside the balloon was numerous smaller balloons, made from a much more fragile and air tight material. A small amount of liquid run over the internal balloons. Ruck pierced one of the balloons. As gas seeped out of the balloon, bubbles formed in the liquid, making a loud popping sound. Ruck made a hasty retreat. This would keep the engineers occupied while they located and dealt with the gas leak.

Meanwhile, on the first-class deck, Rupert pretended to get more and more drunk with his friends. In reality, the pot plant next to him was becoming thoroughly sloshed.

The scuttering grew louder. Rexis continued along the maintenance passage, hoping to spot one of his comrades. Suddenly, small green creatures came around the corner. These creatures were often seen in packs of four to ten, devouring a corpse in dark city alleyway. These vermin were known as kobolds. They stared at Rexis with hungry eyes. Rexis hastily forced a maintenance hatch open and dove into the store room, crying “Billson! Help! Help! Billson!” Bruno happened to be approaching and saw this from afar. He watched the situation with confusion. Billson raised his crossbow apathetically. He recognised Rexis and wasn’t interested in his shenanigans. The kobolds swarmed out of the maintenance tunnel and started biting Rexis all over. Bruno hastily hobbled up and belted at the kobolds ineffectively with his walking stick.

Would Bruno and Rexis survive the kobold’s attack? Would Ruck’s mischief be the end of The Iron Princess? Would Fear and Jörgen delusions run them afoul? Will the pot plant have the hangover to end all hangovers? Find out next week!



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