Archmage and Ruler of Zamorath


Until thirty three years ago, the southern kingdoms of Quarnos were turbulent and warring. This was all ended by the Archmage. Nobody knows where Zamora came from, all that was clear was that he wielded the darkest of magicks and that each kingdom that fell under his control added to his military might.

For twenty years his armies marched across Quarnos unchecked, until they came to the borders of Orphir. The Mountains of Quarnos created a natural barrier for Orphir, as it did Aquilon, but it was the Royal Order of the Arcane Arts that truly turned the tide against Archmage’s forces.

Before then, the Order was widely untrusted and had no real duty beyond predicting weather patterns and crop yields. In a desperate attempt to halt Zamora’s advances, the king ordered the Order to the front lines to try and counter their attacker’s dark sorcery. To everyones surprise this worked, and Orphir’s forces were able to hold the line until the day, ten years ago, the Zamorathan armies retreated.

It remains a mystery why such a mighty army would retreat in such a way. Surely Orphir could not hold out indefinitely. To this day, Zamorath’s territory ends at the Paixa River, and the area between it and Orphir are made up of various independent city states, as well as Kothan; a collection of these states and provinces banded together into a single nation.