Tales of Adventure and Mystery from the Wyrmfell Frontiers

Charity and Carnage
A delivery to a desecration.

After the success of the previous adventure, Doc Thornton called the six individuals together again for another vital mission. We were to deliver a load of supplies to Elizabeth Winters at a rural chapel of Aurath. The team kitted up, collected the donkey carrying the supplies, and went on their way.

A troop of soldiers were camped outside of the chapel. They flew the flag of Arktooth, the largest city in the land. Bruno Diaz approached the soldiers and engaged the highest ranking officer in small talk. He gleaned that the team were escorting Alexandria De Triso to a nearby excavation site. At that moment, Alexandra came out of the chapel and gave the officer a death-glare before returning inside. Bruno decided to not question the officer further. The team had heard of Alexandra. She was a prominent military figure. She was primarily concerned with arcane anomalies and matters of secrecy. The chapel was in the vicinity of the mines the team had cleared out the previous week.

Bruno, Jorgen and Ruck entered the chapel while the others waited outside with the donkey. Alexandra demanded to know what their business was here. Jörgen simply replied that “anyone can enter a chapel where I come from.” Alexandra reluctantly stepped aside.

A dozen priests were in the chapel. Bruno approached the closest priest and asked to see Elizabeth Winters. The priest replied that she had left for a while. Bruno insisted to know where she was. A muffled scream was heard from the back of the chapel. The priest replied “I really wish you hadn’t heard that.” He opened his robe and went for his long sword. Bruno called to the team members “I don’t think she’s IN HERE NOW!”

The team ran in, weapons drawn. Alexandra drew her sword and told everyone to stand down, backed up by her troop. The chapel went silent. Then she heard the muffled screams. That was enough to convince her something was afoot and she slew the nearest priest.

The brawl started. The priests outnumbered the team but were held at bay. Arrows and fire bolts picked off the priests one by one. The troop watched dumbfounded and only joined the melee when they saw a priest stab Alexandra in the leg. The priests were skilled fighters, but could not stop the team, especially with the assistance of the troop. Aurath would not let his chapel be overrun by evil.

Shelob's Lair
Is there a spider on my back?

The cave came to a sculpted corridor. Doc Thornton informed the team that the item they were seeking lay in the room at the end of this corridor. He took the rear position again.

As the team walked down the corridor, they noticed engravings on the wall in the shape of stylised spiders. They came to the aforementioned room. They could see little in the dim light of their torches, but it was enough to make their hearts sink. The room was full of thick spider webs. There even appeared to be large cocoons fastened to some of the walls. The team needed more light before they were would proceed. Bruno Diaz threw his torch onto a nearby web.

The web burst into flames, lighting up most of the room. The team saw movement as giant spiders, hanging from the roof, recoiled from the sudden heat. The team moved in to dispatch the threats. A couple of spiders evaded the teams watchful gaze. One crawled down the corridor and formed a sticky barrier, locking the team in the room. The webbed barrier also locked Rupert Wilkinson-Jones and Hecilofir (Fear) in place. The adventurers and the spiders traded blows, arrows and venom. Finally, the four spiders were vanquished.

Rupert and Fear were cut from their webbed prison. The team burned the rest of the webs, ensuring no more spiders would come out of the stonework to surprise them.

At the end of the room stood a large sarcophagus. It had a hideous human face. It’s mouth was slightly ajar. After some examination, it was clear that the mouth was mechanical. Jorgen wedged some rocks in the corners of the mouth to prevent it from closing suddenly. Ruck, using his lockpicks and knife, attempted to manipulate the mechanism at the back of the mouth. There was a click. Ruck quickly removed his hands and tools from the mouth as it slowly crushed the rocks and closed.

The chest of the sarcophagus ground open. Inside was a small idol. It depicted a human skeleton. A spider resided inside the rib cage with its legs protruding out of the skeleton’s sides and curling in front of him. Tired of dealing with deadly monsters, the team grabbed the idol and met Doc Thornton outside the corridor. He was very pleased to receive the idol which he put away out of sight. The team ascended and returned to Tuscelan. They took their hard earned pay and caught some hard earned rest.

Digging for treasure
Don't mind the miners.

Doc Thornton summoned six individuals for a special task. He explained that a team of miners had recently gone missing. None of them had been seen in a week, except for one soul who made it back to town. That soul now spends all of his time drinking in the tavern. Doc required the team to recover an item that the miners were sent to find. There was $100 each in it for the team members.

The team agreed and started by interrogating the drunken miner. He was out of his mind. He kept babbling to himself about “The teeth… So many teeth…” After a few brotherly drinks (coffee for the miner, not that he could tell the difference) the team learned that the miners didn’t so much go missing as they were slaughtered by hungry monsters. It was clear that the miner was too traumatised to provide more details. The team packed their things and departed for the mine.

The mine looked like any other. Doc Thornton insisted on waiting outside to protect the group from the rear. The first cave was dim. Unlit torches lined the walls. The team lit their torches and entered. In the flickering light, they saw a couple of figures hunched over. The figures weren’t human. They were large lizards, and they were feasting on something.

The team didn’t wait to see if the toothy, feasting, lizard monsters were friendly. Several arrows and bolt from Morzencrant’s Flame Gun flew at the beasts, quickly incapacitating them. The team approached to examine the creatures’ meal. The meal was clearly one of the miners. It was also clear the team were now a lot closer to the giant toad watching from the shadows.

The toad attacked, attempting to bite and slam the adventurers. The team tried to bring the toad down, but couldn’t penetrate its thick, leathery hide. Finally, Jorgen landed a lucky blow and wounded the creature. The creature, fearing for its life, belched a jet of fire at the team. Jörgen panicked as he attempted to extinguish his burning clothes. Hecilofir (Fear) had had enough of this toad’s torment. He cranked his Flame Gun to the maximum setting and burned the beast to a crisp. It would take a long time for the gun to recharge, but it was worth the risk.

The corpse was well decomposed and eaten. There was nothing to be gained from it.
Doc Thornton joined the group and guided them further into the mine.


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