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  • Doc Thornton

    Before coming to the frontier to open his own surgery, Dr Hutch Thornton, worked in various places throughout the known kingdoms, including [[Zamorath | Zamorath]], [[Aquilon | Aquilon]] and [[Orphir | Orphir]]. He’s been a war medic, a university …

  • Bruno Diaz

    Bruno is a [[Humans | Human]] [[Aquilon | Aquilas]], 25 years old, 175 cm tall, 62 kg (136 lb), beautifully handsome, with manicured blonde hair and moustache, and blue eyes. Bruno is the youngest son of a wealthy merchant family. He spends far more …

  • Alexandria De Triso

    An Orphiran Military Officer charged with tracking down and containing or eliminating threats to Orphir and her people. In their dealings with her, the team has found her to be short tempered and stubborn.

  • Von Cleft

    A mysterious archer that attempted to double cross you aboard [[The Iron Princess | _The Iron Princess_]].

  • Mysterious Man in Street

    An [[Aquilon | aquilas]] man who approached [[:ruck | Ruck]] in the streets of [[Arktooth | Arktooth]]. He advised him that the authorities had the description of him and his friends, and that he should take caution when exiting the city. He seemed to …

  • Frederick Scribe

    An old student of [[:doc-thornton | Doc Thornton]]. [[:bruno-diaz | Bruno]] and [[:rupert-wilkinson-jones | Rupert]] met him at the [[Arktooth Surgeons Academy]], he theorized he may be able to heal Bruno's injured leg if the team were to acquire for him …

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