or Homunculi

Long have there been tales of strange Magi constructing servants out of simplistic raw materials; men made of straw or clay. These “beings”, or Golem, were resilient yet extremely limited in their in adaptability. They would follow only one command to perform one simple action until decommissioned, at which point they would become lifeless until they were re-enchanted.

Modern Homunculi are controlled by a magical device called a central cortex. This artificial brain that grants them sentience and reason. The method to their creation is a closley guarded secret known only to a few of Orphir’s most renowned Engineers and Magi.

Automata are most commonly built from combination of metal, wood, stone and leather, with a complex system of gears, valves, sprockets, pistons and tubing which allow for the cortex to control the constructed body. Less common forms of Homunculi include magically animated materials, like the old Golem, but with the central cortex of an Automaton controlling it’s actions.

Members of today’s high society see these constructs as mere objects. Elaborate machines who’s sole purpose is to serve their owners whim and fancy, capable of mimicking human emotion. More superstitious folk, on the other hand, tend to view these metal men, who are by far more advanced than anything they deal with on a day to day basis, as a people. An strange inhuman people whose ways are alien and logic cold. Though some folk have warmed to, even befriended Homunculi, if thats even possible.

Whether Automata are mere emotionless constructs or thinking feeling individuals is unknown, though widely believed one way or the other.

Racial Characteristics

Construct- Automata add +2 when attempting to recover from being Shaken. Automata do not suffer additional damage from called shots. Automata never suffer from Wound Modifiers. Automata do not suffer from disease or poison.


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