Gods, and their place in the New World…


The Temple of Aurath is devoted to the worship of the one true deity, Aurath. This monotheistic faith is the most predominent religion in Orphir and other nations of Quarnos. Worshippers of Aurath sometimes devote themselves to what’s called a Patron Aspect of Aurath. These Aspects each represent a facet of Aurath’s influence.

The three most widely honoured Aspects are; Vida, Lady of life and healer of the ill; Gerech, Lord of Justice and protector of the weak; and Verite, Master of Truths and revealer of knowledge. Other Aspects include Krieg, Avenger of the faith and bringer of War to the unbeleivers; and Mar, Patron of fishermen and King the Sea.

Lady Vida-

Lord Gerech-

Master Verite-

Krieg- An archaic remnant of a draconian time, when the Temple wielded much more power, and could will whole nations to war.

King Mar-

Dwarven Gods

The Deep Dwarves worship three Goddesses; Brunhildr of earth, Helja of fire and Vistra of steel.

Most Surface Dwarves worship the Human god, Aurath. Though upon certain older shrines in Stonesmith houses, three crude idols resembling Dwarven women can be found. If you asked the Dwarven home owner what they were, and they likely couldn’t tell you.




Elven God

Other Faiths