Tales of Adventure and Mystery from the Wyrmfell Frontiers

Bursting the Bubble

The bubble of badness!

The fight raged on. The team finally had a run of luck. Fear, Rexis and the troops picked off several of the cultists with arrows (and a fire bolt.) The red bubble faded a little with each passing cultist. Ruck killed one of the assassins and kicked his dog into the pool. Bruno wildly stabbed the other assassin, felling him. Fear carefully aimed his last fire bolt at the last cultist. The shot flew across the room, singing the cultist’s hair as it passed over his shoulder. Fear drew his sword, much to the horror of his teammates.

The central figure muttered another arcane curse and cast a bolt of nastiness at Bruno. Bruno was blasted backwards. He thought he saw his soul being ripped out of him as he landed awkwardly on the ground, unmoving. Ruck and Rexis were skewered by arrows, but they ripped them out without another thought. Rexis took careful aim, timed his shot, and fired through the flickering bubble. The arrow passed through! It merely created a hole in the figure’s robes, but it proved that the bubble was no longer effective. Jörgen drew his pistol and took aim at the wolf waiting at the waterfall’s edge. Two of the troopers took inspiration from Rexis and shot through the bubble, severely wounding the figure.

Ruck rushed up to the bridge and threw a dagger at the figure. The figure, raised his arm, kris in hand, and fell forward. There was a ting as the kris hit the stone next to the maiden’s head and fell to the floor. The figure crumbled to dust.

Jörgen fired his pistol at the wolf, putting him out the action. The last cultist was hit by a trooper’s arrow. The bubble vanished. Rexis finished off the cultist before he could use his evil magics again.

Ruck dived into the water to get closer to the archers and wolves at the rear of the cavern. Jörgen demanded that archer standing nearby yield. The archer gave Jörgen the finger. The troopers flew arrows at the archers at the rear of the room. The archers screamed as they fell into the pool below. Jörgen repeated his request. The last remaining foe dropped his bow and surrendered. The wolves, seeing all of their masters fall, started whimpering and huddled at the far end of the cavern.

Captain Billson scrambled out of the pool. Alexandria De Triso and a medic descended into the cavern. The medic attended to the wounded members. Bruno was back on one of his feet. His leg was badly broken and probably wouldn’t heal properly. Alexandria surveyed the scene, taking particular note and disdain at the pile of ashes now in front of the altar. She thanked the team for their assistance in this matter. Her cold demeanour made it clear that the team’s presence is no longer required.



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