Tales of Adventure and Mystery from the Wyrmfell Frontiers

The Sacrificial Altar

Add 1 knife and stir.

The team continued into the depths of the temple. The stairs opened into a vast cavern filled with green water. A platform encircled most of the cavern, 15’ above the pool. Two waterfalls spewed forth from giant statues above the platform. A rocky spire rose in the centre of the cavern. And on the rocky spire was a glowing, red bubble. And in the glowing red bubble was a sacrificial altar. And on the sacrificial altar was an Aurath priestess. And in the Aurath priestess, there was… not yet a kris. The inhuman looking figure standing next to her threatened to rectify that. Much chanting filled the room. It came from four robed figures, each standing a distance from the bubble, their right hands’ raised. Each was accompanied by an archer and a wolf.

Rexis and Rupert Wilkinson-Jones rushed in, witty quips at the ready. Rexis shot one of the archers, stunning him. Rupert let fly an arrow at the central figure. It headed straight between his eyes, and disintegrated as it passed through the bubble.

The battle ensued. Arrows arced across the room. Hidden figures leaped from on top of each waterfall statue, pouncing on Bruno Diaz and Ruck, and lodging poisoned daggers in their sides. The robed man lowered his arms and chanted in an unknown language. A fireball launched out of the bubble, blasting Jorgen, Rexis and three of the troops. Jörgen lit up like a Solstice pudding. The others panicked as they tried to put out their burning armour. One of the robed figures, while concentrating on the bubble, aimed his left hand at Rupert and blasted him with a bolt of darkness. Hecilofir (Fear) didn’t waste any time, drew his Flame Gun, and torched several of the cultists. Captain Billson failed to leap one of the waterfall streams and was swept into the pool, where he thrashed about wildly. The central figure took a break from talking about “hollowing out bodies, crawling inside and wearing the husk” and threw several dark bolts at the team.

The fight was going poorly for the team. Jörgen, Rexis and Bruno were wounded. Only two archers had been taken down. Would the our heroes survive? Would the team deliver the package to Elizabeth before she was sacrificed? Will Elizabeth make a nice leather coat? Find out next week!



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