A kingdom along the western coast of Quarnos that connects to the Vaetir desert. It is a nation of strong trade and booming economy (for the upper-class at least), as Aquilon shares borders with both Orphir and Zamorath the two most powerful kingdoms of Quarnos. A well as with the Vaetir so as to be situated perfectly to receive trading caravans from the far off lands beyond the great desert.

Auilon is a warmer climate than the rest of Quarnos as it is closer to the western equator, where the sun travels from the southern skies towards the north in its daily cycle.

The two prominent languages in Aquilon are the native “Aquilas”, known throughout Quarnos as the trading language, and “Orphiran”, the common language spoken through most of Quarnos. Some natives pronounce the kingdom name in the traditional tongue as “Aguilon”.